Thursday, July 22, 2010

Where It All Began...

My cousin Crystal and me at my 7th birthday...Yes, of course that's me with the CROWN!

Mia and her gal pals at her 4th birthday...

I guess it really is no wonder I eventually found my way into the party biz (and that my daughter's 4th birthday party theme was very similar to my 7th birthday party theme...and no, I'm not going to answer any questions about exactly how long ago that was!)

I still remember this dress-up/make-up party as one of my two most favorite birthday parties (the other being my surprise 13th birthday.) What little girl doesn't want to play dress-up with her friends? Plus, I have some FABULOUS blackmail pictures of some of my childhood girlfriends that I still keep in touch with!

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  1. Wow - aside from having a great party - this photo will be a really nice keepsake - maybe for when Mia's little girl has a dress up party someday. My favorite part of the photo is all their little feet - super sweet.